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Healthy Feet NY

Dr. Johanna Youner, DPM, FACFAS

40 Park Avenue Office 5

 New York, NY 10016




New York City’s  Leading Board-Certified Podiatrist and Cosmetic Foot Surgeon



Bottom Line Health Videos by Dr. Johanna Youner https://bottomlineinc.com/?s=dr+youner


 Dr. Johanna Youner is a Board Certified Foot Surgeon, and  has developed the most effective and progressive treatments for various foot conditions such as foot pain, warts, plantar fasciitis(arch), neuropathy, heel pain.

Treatments include state-of-the-art lasers, injectable foot filler(Sculptra and Juvederm)and Botox, Traumeel homeopathic injections, chemotherapy injections for warts, as well as treatments for everyday foot maladies and injuries.

In-Office Diagnostic imaging via immediate X-ray and high resolution FLUOROSCOPY and Ultrasound will get you back to your life more quickly.


In private practice at 40 Park Avenue since 1996, Dr. Johanna S. Youner combines common sense and a mind for the innovative.  Dr. Youner is a Board Certified foot surgeon and   and certified laser technician.

Where to find the most advanced treatments to get you back on your feet and looking good? With Dr. Youner, of course!

Call us at 212-683-7757 or book an appointment on Zocdoc. Your feet never looked or felt so good! 

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A Podiatrist gets a pedicure.

A Podiatrist gets a pedicure   As the director of the Podiatric Clinic of New York University Downtown Hospital, Johanna Youner knows the perils of pedicures.  “I’ve treated women who have lost toenails from infections,” she says.  Allure sent the doctor under cover to the Avon Centre, which offers – at $46 a pop –…

Get Sandal-Worthy Feet

  Want to look as polished as Sarah Jessica Parker in your summer Sandal?  Then follow these pointers from podiatrist Johanna Youner, D.P.M., a spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association: Use sunscreen on the tops of your feet. Buy shoes sized for your larger foot. Pumice your heals daily in the shower.  And massage…

Stop Toenail Fungus from Spreading! Q&A

My wife has toenail fungus. What should our family do to keep from getting it? Toenail Fungus (onychomycosis) is not highly contagious, but spores can live in warm, moist areas such as shower stalls.  Help protect your family by spraying this area with a cleaning product that contains bleach every day.  Your wife should wear…

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