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Gehwohl Nail Replacement

Using Gehwohl nail replacement system, Dr. Youner is are able to give a more cosmetic appearance to the nail while undergoing treatment for nail fungus, or simply to assist a cosmetically displeasing nail. The Gehwohl nail restoration system has anti-fungal properties and will allow the nail to grow out with a more natural appearance. The costs are $75 per nail to restore the toenail to a more natural appearance. Nail polish can be used on the Gehwohl nail restoration.

We recommend Dani-Pro Nail Polish which has modern colors and has anti-fungal properties. Dani-Pro Polish retails at HealthyFeet NY for $25.

The nail below was covering only 25% of the nail bed. After adding three layers of Gehwohl Nail Gel with UV Light the nail can be polished and the patient can wear sandals more comfortably.

After Gehwohl AntiFungal Nail Restoration on a nail that was only 1/4 of nail bed

This split nail has been restored with three layers of Gehwol Nail Restoration. The nail can be painted and will look cosmetically appealing. It is recommended that the nail restoration be repaired every six to eight weeks, at a fee of 75 per nail restoration.

Before and After: Gehwohl Nail Anti Fungal Restoration

IMG 0828