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Medical Procedures


Our medical pedicures are performed by board certified foot surgeons only and are safe for diabetics.

The medical pedicure starts with an Epsom Salt and Lavender soak. We use separate STERILE liners for each client. Once your feet are softened, all your thickened areas on your heels, midfoot, and toes are gently debrided with our sterile instruments. As New York State Law states blades are prohibited in salons, our podiatric surgeons will use blades properly to debride your feet painlessly. Nails are debrided, ingrown toenails removed, cracking heels debrided and cleaned. Upon completion of the surgical portion of the pedicure, our doctors use gentle medical acid cream to scrub off the final old layers, leaving your feet in tip top shape, and leaving you feeling relaxed, with increased circulation to your feet. Fees for medical pedicures range from $150 to $250 depending on the condition of your feet.


Our doctor-performed medical pedicure excellent choice if you are diabetic.

A medical pedicure is good for overall health, increasing circulation to the feet, and stimulating the reflexology pressure points by working on the feet.

Medical pedicures are not just pure indulgence – medical pedicures are a healthy path for self care.

NOTE – Even if you have not been to the podiatrist in years, we will help get you on your way to better foot health, and better overall comfort.