Foot Calluses

I have calluses on my feet. Is this a problem?  Can I get rid of them?


Calluses form in response to friction or pressure, usually on the soles, heels and /or outside edges of the big toes.  They generally do not pose a health threat and in fact can be protective – for instance, if you enjoy going barefoot.  But if you find calluses unattractive or uncomfortable, minimize their formation by wearing well-fitting shoes.  Rub away calluses with a pumice stone or pedicure file after a shower, when skin is softer.  Do not shave calluses off with a razor – you could cut yourself, risking infection.  For the same reason, it is illegal in many states for nonmedical spa personnel to shave calluses.

Better: Your podiatrist can cut away calluses safely.


Answer from: Johanna S. Youner, DPM, cosmetic foot surgeon and attending podiatric physician, New York Downtown Hospital, New York City.

Article from Bottom Line Womens Health Periodicals Question and Answer. January 2010