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Dr. Johanna Youner, DPM, FACFAS

Board-Certified Podiatric Surgeon
40 Park Avenue, Suite 5
(37 East 36th Street)
New York, N.Y. 10016

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Contact Us:

(212) 683-7757
(212) 683-7034
Fax: (212) 889-6150

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younerDr. Johanna S. Youner, DPM, FACFAS


In private practice at 40 Park Avenue since 1996, Dr. Johanna S. Youner combines common sense and a mind for innovative approaches toward health, and beauty in her daily life and podiatric/laser practice.

Dr. Youner is a Board Certified ACFAS foot doctor and surgeon, ALMS (American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery) member and certified laser technician, performing full body laser treatments.

Utilizing Juvederm dermal filler for painful feet and Botox injectable for severe foot sweating, and Lasers for Fungal Nails, Dr. Youner combines the latest in aesthetic medical treatments for the podiatric world.

Using the cutting edge PICOSURE laser, Dr. Youner performs laser treatments for aging, skin and discoloration, fine lines, scars, acne scars, birthmarks, tattoos, as well as fungal nail laser treatments.

Dr. Youner is an APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) member and expert. Dr. Youner writes for Bottom Line Health as a foot expert as well as laser expert. She works with many magazines to get the latest information to the public.

For foot pain that is a result of chemotherapy-related damage, Dr. Johanna Youner has developed a protocol for patients suffering from Hand-Foot Syndrome related to chemotherapy. With Dr. Mario LaCouture of Memorial Sloan Kettering. If you are suffering from Palmar Plantar Erythrodisesthesia (Hand Foot Syndrome) due to chemotherapy, we can help.

A Board Certified (ABPS) foot surgeon since 2003, Dr. Youner received her doctorate (Doctor in Podiatric Medicine) from the California College of Podiatric Medicine in 1990 with honors and her BA degree from Ivy League Barnard College, Columbia University in January 1983 in 3 1/2 years. Having completed three years of residency training in both Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Youner has surgically assisted some of New York City’s finest foot and plastic surgeons. She also spent a month training at the Leper Colony in Carville, Louisiana for the neuropathic foot. Dr. Johanna Youner utilizes the latest and most innovative techniques to address facial aging and foot problems and is not afraid to think “outside the box” if a problem has not been properly diagnosed or treated previously by other practitioners.

Dr. Johanna Youner is a member of ACFAS, MENSA, ASLMS (American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery), NYSPMA (New York State Podiatric Medical Association), and APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association, also as a Foot Expert/Columnist).

On television, Dr. Youner appeared on WABC-News, Good Morning America for Shoe Fit in July, 2014. WABC-TV on May 29, 2012, discussing Heel Pain Injections, and previously in a Pedicure Safety segment with Dr. Jay Adlersberg. Ch. 2’s Dr. Holly Phillips, a segment on Injectable Foot Filler can also be seen.

Utilizing the safest and most effective techniques, Dr. Youner is able to minimize surgical intervention and maximize comfort. When bone surgery is required, Dr. Youner with her co-surgeon Dr. Emanuel Sergi use the latest techniques with minimize scarring, and maximize the patient’s return to activities and comfort.


Dr. Ryan Muchowski, DPM

Dr. Muchowski is a graduate of CCPM and has completed  a surgical residency and wound fellowship. Dr. Muchowski is well-versed in the most current podiatric treatments available. He has great podiatric skills and can treat the most painful issue with a minimum of discomfort.

With his excellent training, great skills as a doctor (Board Qualified in surgery) and kind bedside manner, he is an excellent addition to our office.

Dr. Emanuel Sergi, DPM

Dr. Sergi is Dr. Johanna Youner’s co-surgeon, and maintains an office at 20 East 46th Street, 212-871-0800. Dr. Sergi is a graduate of St. Joseph’s College and New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

Dr. Sergi is Board Qualified in forefoot surgery. Dr. Sergi’s cutting edge cosmetic approach to foot surgery as well as his quest for perfection continues to provide the latest techniques in forefoot surgery with a great surgeon’s touch. Please note that Dr. Sergi strictly sees patient with out of network benefits. We have an excellent in-network surgeon in our referral base.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]